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Shobana performs Samadhina for Vishranthi

Vishranthi Trust is proud to invite you once again to Rudram, an evening of dance and music. Held at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall, the Samadhina is a quest to present Bharatanatyam in an eclectic and spiritual form. The same principles of classical dance which are rules, control, tunefulness or bhava, rhythm structure and ability to appeal to the audience, can be applied to any kind of music genre. In Samadina each piece is strung together in the structure of a margam - the traditional bharathanatyam repertoire - but with music ranging from film, Sufi to Khayal to compositions of Bach and Vivaldi. Delighting us once again with her riveting compositions and choreography and unmatched performance, we are thrilled to present the scintillating Shobana. Visit for tickets.

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